Libra and Aries

These two are astrological opposites, amassed against the other via a trillion little traits. Libra and Aries couldn’t be more different if they tried. From Libra’s Venus ruler to Aries’ allegiance to Mars, they pull in opposite directions. However, it’s not all doom…

Libra says “tomayto” and Aries says “potato.” Libra is Yin and ruled by Venus and Aries is Yang and is ruled by Mars. Each spends in such a way so as to send the cute couple sensationally broke but Libra browses, breathing in the retail ambience. Aries sees it as an in/out expedition. Aries likes to sweat and stir things up. Libra likes yoga and to make peace.

The Aries style of conversation sounds more like a hoony argument to the Libran.

Aries leaps to conclusions whereas Libra thinks things through or, as the Ram calls it, vacillates. But such a set up creates a dynamic tension which can also be very exciting.

Shared ideals along with stacks of space keep this relationship fresh, fun, and enduring. Libra is always aroused by the spunky Ram persona. Aries finds them amazingly alluring. Libra gives stacks of advice which the Ram secretly takes!

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