Libra and Cancer

Libra and Cancer mix power charm with power-sulking, a potentially off-putting connection. But under the right circumstances, the two can be astonishing soulmates. Crab thinks it is so tacky to wield charm the way Libra does, like a weapon, just so Libra can get whatever they want. 

Libra can’t bear that the Crab turns on the tears and general crap for precisely the same reason. Crab takes the high moral ground and Libra wonders why Crab doesn’t lighten up… a lot. Crabs value security above and beyond anything else. On a day-to-day level, this translates into full-on stinginess.

Crab can even resent Libra buying a few magazines for research purposes.

Libra likes nice things and so what if they cost a bit? Librans staunchly believe “if you love something, take it on holiday, buy it expensive gifts, and make expert, artful love.” Crab goes on about saving for retirement. Agelessly cute Libra is aghast. Libra in love comes home with titillating gossip. Crab moralises. Libra and Cancer go out together and Crab grizzles about their issue of the day or some sad story which has gripped the imagination. Or so it seems to Libra.

Librans can think of themselves as their lover as a version of Pavlov’s dog. The bell is the Libran coo, causing the dog to salivate and obey at will. Other Librans see their lover as a mirror, reflecting back a rosy halo. Discover how you can tell if a Libra likes you.

How will this coupling work? Well, they do have things in common in that they are great organisers and are fantastic with start-up ideas for businesses and new opportunities. When these two can admit to their similarities and compromise a bit, this can be a fun relationship.

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