Libra and Gemini

These two can’t take their eyes off one another. Unless it’s to check out the competition circling around. Libra and Gemini are both air signs and tend to hit on immediate attraction and rapport. There’s a lot in common until Gemini’s need for space clashes with Libra’s desire to do everything together.

Both want to head off to some bedroom and just stay there, together… forever. The crappiest pop song suddenly makes the most intense sense. They are one of the most compatible couplings of the zodiac. Both are so used to having people fall wildly in love with them that they’ve become blasé. This relationship shocks both to the core.

“I’m a cliche,” thinks Gemini. Libra, so accustomed to doting and worshipful suitors, gets off on the hard-to-get Gemini.

Physically, emotionally, and mentally, these two love everything about each other. And in terms of issues? Libra has a heart and Gemini doesn’t. More or less. Libra in love definitely requires more classic romantic gestures from Gemini who doesn’t get that some other signs see Libra as a ditherer.

How dare they? It’s called being flexible. Libra learns to wait elegantly should Gemini be off on some solo adventure and learns that Librans never wait alone.

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