Libra and Libra

If these two can stand each other at all, the relationship overcomes all obstacles. Libra and Libra in love can work, but there are obstacles to overcome. Although social and disarming the problem can be the issue with all same sign relationships – competition.

Both are beautiful charmers. They are smart, popular, and the most memorable of hosts. But when it comes to being clear with their partner, they can’t hack the pace. They’d rather flirt their way out of any emotional issue.

This is obviously a threat to an otherwise enchanted love affair. The anger beneath that seductive manner builds to boiling point until someone just has to explode. But it doesn’t have to. That would involve candour.

Each is more likely to sneak off for a secret liaison with someone they feel will really “show” the other Libran.

It’s not nice, and at least one of them has to learn to express disenchantment as it occurs. Both being Venus-ruled romance addicts, they are sensually compatible in bed. It takes one Libra to know that the other Libra doesn’t see roses, chocolates, schmaltzy music and candlelit dinners as a clichéd precondition for bedwork.

But do bear in mind that one reality checking meeting with an accountant can make Librans frigid for weeks. The beauty of this coupling is that they understand and support one another’s deepest romantic yearnings. That, along with the sheer physical beauty, of course.

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