Libra and Pisces

Libra and Pisces bond over how beguiling they both are and artistic, kind, and sweet.

Both want to create a life in which they are free to follow their bliss. Both agree that they don’t like money-grubbing straights. Libra and Pisces respect talent, but they also have stupendous lifestyle needs. Nowhere in the zodiac is there quite the same degree of retail mania and reliance on “help” as there is with these two.

To watch a Fish and Lib partnership fight it out over who has been embezzling the bank account, only to find it’s both of them, is to witness a clinic in how not to handle personal finances. A business joint venture should be carefully thought through.

They must take care not to fall into a competitive seductive sloth.

When both are secure and in focus, Libra and Pisces agree on almost everything. Structure is ideally set in place so both can find fulfilment. Both are fabulous at seeing each side of an issue and working toward harmony. Both bring out the best in the other’s social persona. Sensual bliss keeps them connected even when one or both has withdrawn to the sulking hut.

Libra and Pisces are both engaging people pleasers with a lot in common that brings them together. But without structure, will it fall apart?

Pisces can be a bit weird for Libran tastes. Pisces wonders if Libra is surreal enough, attuned to the alternative universes that are so much a part of the Piscean reality. Emotional rhythms can be so synchronised that each knows what the other is thinking

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