Libra and Taurus

Both are gorgeous Venusians, sharing sensuality, a penchant for sloth, and a love of soft furnishings. Libra and Taurus share a love of good food, fine dining, and comfortable beds but they can have contrasting world views.

The physical bonding is breathtakingly physical, especially for Libra in love who tends to prefer romance to actual bedwork. Each helps the other harmonise their lives. Libra encourages Taurus to vary a few habits and be more accepting. Taurus gives Libra the reassurance and structure they need. But Libra is open minded and objective whereas Taureans take years to change their minds.

A tiny rift can gape out of all proportion if Libra sees Taurus as an intransigent old thing and Taurus thinks Libra is some fluffball with no real values.

And then, in make-up mode, Libra aims for a beautiful love poem (preferably a haiku), flowery moments when Taurus expects (and gives) practical demonstrations of solid loving.

Few Librans are ever single for any amount of time. Mainly because they are so attractive but also because they will be with anyone to avoid being on their own.

What to do if love starts to fade? They usually have their next relationship warming up and raring to go as the previous one fades out. Not that the official partner of a Libran will necessarily know anything about this at the time.

This can be such a strong and perfect couple so long as each is capable of making a supreme adjustment to always see the other’s world view, no matter how obviously nuts. And these two must utterly avoid viewing one another in a negative light.

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