Pisces and Aquarius

Pisces and Aquarius people are frequently drawn together through their mutual eccentricities.

As the last two astrological signs, they are also similar in that they’re both highly evolved beings. They share an interest in realms beyond the obvious and are both kind of ahead of their time. They share a surreal sense of humour. If mental rapport were all it took, these guys could be soulmates.

But classic Pisceans need extremely focused and loving attention just to get out of bed in the morning.

The Aquarian focus is more diffuse and not necessarily centred on the Fish Person nonstop. The Fish prefers a hothouse atmosphere. Pisces and Aquarius bring the elements of air and water into a high storm at sea. It’s exciting, demanding and distracting until they find the calm at the centre.

A mood swing in self-perception is really quite normal in a Fish Person. They are quite capable of creating a shocking scene just because their lover refuses to wear the duck suit to bed.

Pisces are traditionally lauded as being into universal love. So they may need to give their Aquarians some warmth-training. Otherwise, they’ll find themselves flopping around gasping for romantic attention. Pisceans think “I need” and Aquarians think “I need to breathe.”

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