Pisces and Cancer

This Pisces and Cancer pair often experience “love at first chat.”

Neither one can believe that someone else could radiate so much wisdom and empathy. All those feelings the Pisces finds overwhelming are sorted and expressed by Cancerians. This provides Pisces with a secure feeling even though, typically, Fish People are very skilled at playing the wild child.

This is one of the most compatible duos of the zodiac and one in which the duo has the natural potential to be soul mates.

Warning: Pisces may find Cancer to be cloying. Pisces people are skilled at the art of moving on and dumping friends or situations that bore them. The Crab clings and clings.

Nostalgia horrifies Pisces, which means trouble when Cancer detours into a bunch of old photo albums or, worse, expects Fish to sit still and put up with some blast-from-the-past rant. The vibe can be good between these two, as long as Cancer doesn’t push the Piscean boredom switch. Crab says “the past” and Pisces says “the tedium.”

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