Pisces and Capricorn

The Pisces and Capricorn liaison is particularly successful when the Fish is willing to play ingénue to Capricorn’s Svengali.

Yes, even if Pisces is officially the most accomplished half of the pairing, it’s the way Goat People like it. But it’s also true that many Pisceans get off on acting all coy and submissive, even if it is all a raving act and they do exactly what they please anyway.

Some Fish like to think of Capricorn as the person who’s going to straighten them out. Indeed, it will be most difficult to be so spendthrift and fickle once a Capricorn has finished the lecturing.

Pisceans amuse and inspire Capricorns and, in return, the Goat provides more structure in the Pisces’ life. Pisces in love get more secure and happy. Cool Capricorns get a new sense of what is possible.

Things only go awry if a Pisces attracts one of the Lower Capricorns: someone whose modus operandi is to be a total user. Given the Pisces’ compulsion to give, this can be an ugly scenario. Pisceans should ask: how much is the Goat truly listening to my dreams?

When Pisces and Capricorn meet, you can bet on a mutually beneficial, hot and sexy arrangement, but only if certain traits are kept in mind.

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