Pisces and Gemini

Pisces and Gemini: this would be a great combination for a pair of con people.

Both Pisceans and Geminis are scarily seductive, charming, and amoral people able to mess with one another’s pretty little heads. Both are dual natured and fluid. Plus, they are both used to attracting attention and evoking fierce emotions from others. Pisces and Gemini see themselves as simple creatures and can’t understand the trail of chaos left behind them. Fickle?

Not at all. They’re like the weather—variable with the occasional cold front.

So, if they’re so similar, where’s the problem with hooking up? Actually, they’re too similar and the one big difference doesn’t enhance compatibility. Gemini is like a Pisces, but with no emotions.

Pisceans are in touch with their feelings. Try emotion with a Gemini and they’ll run. If it can’t be turned into a gag or some gossip, Geminis don’t want to know. Pisceans toy with the idea of a Gemini, but ultimately Pisceans need someone able to cope with their feelings and potential existential crises.

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