Pisces and Libra

Pisces and Libra are accomplished seducers. These two are drawn together fast. Pisces and Libra attract each other at the speed of light, but what happens when they hook-up? Read on to discover the ups and downs of this astrological pairing.

It’s hard to tell if a Libra likes you but tone down the gush and allow them to ask you super oblique questions. Likewise, ignore the Libra because they can clearly let rip with one of the most infuriating “tools” in the Libra’s collection; passive aggression while swiftly evacuating so that the Pisces cannot respond. Libra are most known for that which are most derided for: their indecision. But behind this tendency not to make up their mind, is an ability to truly detach and properly consider all unbiased aspects of a scenario.

Pisceans enjoy practising their enticing wiles on an appreciative expert. As well as loving the diverting conversation, the double entendres and full-on compliments. Pisceans love the sex—so much so that if they could run this relationship as a kind of perpetual honeymoon, they would. Once the Pisces and Libra liaison lands back on Earth, there are a few differences to contend with.

Librans are intensely conscious of their appearance, in a way that alienates the naturally gorgeous and unpretentious Piscean.

The Fish People are perfectly happy to go out bare faced and non-blowdried. Whereas Librans imagine they’re about to expire from sheer embarrassment. Libra wants to throw a party and invite only the right people. Pisceans don’t see why they can’t ask their entire monster mash of friends, family, and acquaintances.

They can also vague each other out via passive aggression. Unless you plan on hiring a Virgo social secretary-cum-bookkeeper, then both Pisces and Libra parties need to be very direct to enhance the relationship.

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