Pisces and Pisces

Fish People are the true romantics of the zodiac. So, a Pisces and Pisces together? 

No matter how snide or cynical they seem, they yearn to be soulmates. So what happens when two of these beautiful people come together? First, they test out the other Fish to see how much they can mess with their pretty head. No, it’s not a nice sight. Yes, you could, in fact, call it dysfunctional.

The problem with Pisceans is that they are all terribly attractive! Additionally, people project a lot of their own psychic material onto the Pisces.

Since a very young age, they’ve been luring folks without even trying. This leads to all sorts of trying situations and it’s the rare Piscean who reaches a vague semblance of maturity without stacks of psychic baggage.

When two Fish People bond, they can’t help trying out the last umpteen methods of partner torment they’ve learned from a troubled past. The key to domestic Pisces bliss is being a sane, stable, and non-escapist grown-up.

If a Pisces can catch another Fish at a stage where their worst life lessons have been learned, then they have a chance of a serene and sustained love. Together they create a sea of romantic bliss. That is until they get a little bored and start to play their slippery tricks.

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