Pisces and Sagittarius

When it comes to Pisces and Sagittarius is it about romancing the rock head?

Pisces are delicate aristocrats, highly attuned to every nuance of nature and society. Whereas, Sagittarians are thundering galahs, oblivious to all but their own reality. The Sagittarian’s lack of tact all too often easily shatters the Piscean aura. Even before the relationship starts. 

The Saggitarius in love may find it hard to grasp that when the Fish asks for an honest answer about, say, their figure, they are not seeking the actual truth. They are seeking more a flattering reassurance.

Even if Pisceans don’t demand the truth (and why would they?) Sagittarians will dish it up without dressing. What to do? Well, Pisces could try joining Saggitarius on one of their interminable sporting jaunts. (Hmm, perhaps not.)

But this couple can bond over a mutual love of chat and philosophy. So long as everyone realises that Saggitarius is better at talking than listening. Luckily, Pisces is skilled in listening attentively, and murmuring occasionally, “you’re so insightful.” This skill, plus sexual compliance, will make the relationship work.

Sagittarius people don’t like rules and their attention can wax and wane. To get laid, they can, and will, break the laws of physics.

When Pisces and Sagittarius meet, water hits fire, making a lot of steam. It’s hot, volatile, sexy and creative.

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