Pisces and Scorpio

Because both Pisces and Scorpio have the potential for cheerful depravity, there is often a whiff of deviousness about this relationship.

Onlookers find the vague references to handcuffs and midnight trips to “hotels” rather seedy. In fact, there is an element of compulsive obsession with the initial Pisces and Scorpio meeting. But, once they settle down and get into some everyday relating, this coupling can be one of the most compatible of the Zodiac.

Being a water sign like Pisces, Scorpio understands all the myriad emotional complexities that go with the territory.

Pisceans don’t feel dried out or insecure with Scorpio, as they so often do with skittery air signs. Scorpios and Pisceans are always willing to do the emotional work of a relationship with each other.

However, Pisces and Scorpio share the element of water and aren’t afraid to drown each other in it. Particularly thanks to the Piscean Complex.

Clash potential? It may be because Scorpio is a fixed sign that is prone to truculence and a stuck attitude. Whereas the Pisces is fluid and able to adapt quickly to change. Fish will have to cajole Scorpio into flexibility and the Piscean culling makes Scorpios nervous.

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