Pisces and Taurus

Are Pisces and Taurus destined? Can a Piscean make sure they haven’t attracted the kind of Taurus who’s entire modus operandi is to make the Piscean change as soon as possible? For example, “I love you for your creativity and vision, but wouldn’t it be better if you took this steady job at the Tax Office?”

Taureans can be insanely stuck, whereas Pisceans go with the flow in life. Taureans will flip out if their toothbrush mug is moved to the other side of the bathroom cupboard.

“That’s where it goes” is a common response in the Taurus home.

The Fish knows that objects must be moved, culled, and/or reinvented so life and opportunities do not stagnate. Taureans, remember, suffer terribly from a lust for things. At the same time, Taureans can impart a lot about making life’s structures more compatible with Piscean dreams. This Pisces and Taurus partnership can create beauty from the most arid possibilities. 

You know you’re liaising with a Pisces when the normal is turned weird and the unusual taken totally in their stride. Pisces rarely look weird but they often out-weird anyone they engage with. A trip to the mall can be cause for an existential crisis. As can conventional relationships. As can being misunderstood.

The Taurus will need to be strong enough to keep Pisces in love from slutting around or extramarital dalliances (flirting as they like to call it). Yet gentle enough to respect their genius.

However, Pisceans and Bulls are deeply compatible in the sensual sense. Although, budgeting meetings sometimes resemble a Jerry Springer episode. At the very least, you’ll have no problems with intimacy in the love relationship of Pisces and Taurus. Taureans are renowned for being psychologically adequate, cute and fantastic in bed. 

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