Pisces and Virgo

Pisces and Virgo people—be warned! Virgos don’t admit this in a hurry, but they take one look at a Piscean and see a sinner in need of reforming. 

The Saint Virgo stint may seem to be going a tad too far sometimes, but it’s Pisces who brings it out in them. So, what to do? It depends whether Pisceans really want to check into Saint Virgo’s Special Treatment Centre for the Criminally Disorganised. Pisces can benefit from a touch of Virgo in their lives and this could even be the relationship.

And, indeed, Virgo will be happy to take all that scattered Fish genius and potential, bring it together, and mould it into a neo Pisces, capable of practically anything.

In return, Pisces enchants Virgo’s life, healing their many secret vulnerabilities. Somehow, creativity is always the result of this sort of coupling. One or the other is driven to creating brilliant poetry or painting.

Pisces and Virgo site opposite each other in the Zodiac, but at heart, they both want the same thing. True love can spring up fast with these two. Whether it stays is dependent on how much the duo is willing to morph together, to really blend. If both want to stay polarised, it won’t work.

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