Sagittarius and Aquarius

Sagittarius and Aquarius are all in at first sight. The romantic attraction is off the charts. But can they make it work in the everyday life of the real world? These two might be genetically created for one another. And cloned and programmed to titillate one another.

At first meeting, they can’t believe how alike they are and how fast they can power bond. This coupling has the potential to run forever. Especially once they agree that trifling differences of opinion should not creep into their socio-sexual reality. Unfortunately, Sagittarius don’t like having to stay home and relate to their partner.

It is very sad to see a Sagittarius and Aquarius couple turn celibate just because someone bought clothes made from non-organic cotton or sweatshop labour.

Sagittarius are more flexible and candid than their Aquarian partner. The Aquarius can be a bit of a hypocrite, a raving snob, and yet an armchair anarchist. A Sagg’s opinions may be fickle, but at least they’re honest about their principles being a work in progress.

Aquarius has been dubbed a “bo-bo” – half bohemian, half-bourgeois. They torment themselves with middle-class ideals of how to live and then feel guilty for not being ethical enough. Saggs are more the genuine wilderness article.

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