Sagittarius and Cancer

Sagittarius is a swinger. Cancer is just a mood swinger. With Sagittarius and Cancer, vision meets introspection and optimism meets moody blues. They can still fall in love, but can these two make it work?

By the time Cancer has made up their mind to be vaguely human again, Sagittarius is out the door. No time for negativity. No patience for people who walk around like those cartoon characters with little black storm clouds over their heads.

Sagittarius can’t possibly visualise a future with someone so unstable and clingy. Or can they? It could be time to grow up. And, if emotional maturity is the goal, the clever Crab Person could be the ideal lover for Sagg. And, of course, Crabs are also often very attractive.

Sagittarians will have to get used to talking about their emotions in the candid mode Crabs say they like, but all the time making sure to lie enough so their feelings aren’t hurt.

You’ll know by now that the Crab is sensitive, prone to feeling sorry for everyone even when it is their own fault.

They must have their compassion, but Sagittarius shouldn’t let themselves be guilted for one second. This is not because you don’t deserve it, but because it will insidiously undermine this love affair. The big bonus of this relationship? Saggs get the support. Crabs get a blast of air.

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