Sagittarius and Gemini

Astrologically, Gemini signifies the so-called lower mind while Sagittarius represents the higher mind. Sagittarius and Gemini are polar opposites by zodiac sign. And guess what? It’s true what they say… they attract! It incurs major stimulation at the start, but is it sustainable? 

That’s right! The Gemini brain is chock-a-block with trivia. They tend to be way up on new music or breaking Hollywood info, but not so informed on the profound issues pondered by higher-minded Saggs. Although Sagittarians can offer a fountain of wisdom to the world, sage advice dealing with tricky emotional situations is not usually forthcoming from them. And yet these two are so compatible. The Gemini adds dash and sparkle to the Sagg wit, while Sagittarius contributes desperately needed depth to the Gemini riff.

This duo is so mentally stimulating to one another that they could live happily for years on a conversation-only basis. In fact, they may have to.

The Gemini libido, though famously kinky, is also sporadic. Note: The way for Sagittarius to fire it up is by constantly changing the themes of their rants. Boredom sets in quickly if the Gemini isn’t kept challenged.

Sagittarius may also have to put up with high-level flirtation aimed elsewhere. Both crave attention and both are heartbreakers who, once they’ve lost interest, scoot off without compassion. These two deserve each other.

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