Sagittarius and Leo

Sagittarius and Leo is one of the most desirable couplings of the zodiac. 

This may very well be “meant to be.” Sagittarius and Leo make each other look even better than they are naturally anyway. Sagittarius is the candlelight to Leo’s complexion and a rose-tinted mirror for the giant Leo ego. Sagittarius contributes fun and youthful vigour to what might otherwise be an overly ostentatious existence.

In return, Leo simply adores Sagittarius, providing structure and a solid frame of worshipful support for the genius.

These two get along in bed and out, during good times and when the crap hits the fan. Both are naturally optimistic life enhancers. They tend to agree about the important things such as who is and isn’t a pain, what is or is not music, and how to while away a beautiful Sunday.

But to truly cement this relationship, Sagittarius must tame the leonine ego. It’s a beast of a thing, demanding an endless flow of flattery in order to function. Saggs must find a balance between boosting the Leo vanity and keeping their own genius intact.

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