Sagittarius and Libra

If Sagittarius can get over their tendency to tell the truth then this Sagittarius and Libra connection could be true love all the way.

With a slight temperament alteration from Sagittarius, this couple has soul mating potential. Libra finds Sagittarius ludicrously attractive. And Libra may be the most alluring being that Sagittarius has ever set eyes on. One problem.  Sagittarius is known for candour (AKA bloodyminded tactlessness) and Librans prefer appealing fallacy to fact. Or, at least, a highly varnished truth.

There is no room for bumbling oafs in Libra’s life. And nor can Saggs expect to get away with the rants that they claim are conversation.

To win the Libran heart, Saggs must become mannered. Once you’re back from finishing school, this relationship tends to flow smoothly. Libra loves the expansive Sagittarian intellect and boundless optimism.

There are endless subjects to gossip about. Once all the social and intellectual life is over, they can happily tumble into bed. Note: If Sagittarian shacks up with Libra, the bed will have to be colour-coordinated, flattering, and osteopathically approved. 

Sagittarius and Libra have soul mate potential but not without a little adjustment on both sides.

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