Sagittarius and Pisces

The Sagittarius and Pisces pair is a misalliance waiting to happen. A liaison dangereuse that has the most chance of flourishing when both Sagittarius and Pisces live on separate continents, meeting up occasionally for “discreet fun times.”

It could also work out if Sagittarius has significant planets in water signs or the Fish person has strong Sagittarian influences. Saggs are the most active sign of all. Say the word and they’re off on that snowboarding junket. Pisceans are generally creatures of the chaise longue.

Too much activity stifles the flow of Fish Person whimsy.

They don’t like group sporting action and, no, they will not sit patiently at home awaiting the Sagg’s triumphant return. The Pisces will probably invite around one of their still-doting former lovers to entertain in the Sagittarian absence. Then there’s the small matter of candour.

Sagittarians are candid by nature but the Fish just fibs for leisure. Fish People will drive Sagittarius insane through being needy, dishonest, and passive. Yet they will act most devastated (not remorseful) by the breakup and, of course, it will all be the Sagittarian’s fault.

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