Sagittarius and Sagittarius

Sagittarius and Sagittarius may be too attached to their own high ideals to collaborate in love. When they do, however, it’s a heaven-sent match. But it could be hard for these two to get down off their soapboxes long enough to actually relate.

Sagittarians love to get together and just rant the night away about their various issues: politics, eco-activism, education, art… whatever. Sagittarians make an absolutely gorgeous couple. They roam the world inspiring each other and every person fortunate enough to socialise with them. Because they may be so busy having civilised fun, they often omit the harder emotional work of a relationship.

When a Sagg does finally admit to feeling something non-intellectual, the other is prone to waving it away in a fit of pique at having to deal with such negative stuff.

This couple can live together in a state of blissful denial. Identifying this tendency is the first step to eradicating it and establishing intimacy. Two Sagittarians really bond by respecting one another’s need for space. And not taking (too much) offence at bloody-minded Sagg candour.

Furthermore, a Sagg with a soulmate is a vision of love and supportiveness and they will never ever stand between their lover’s most grandiose dreams.

Few other signs can tolerate Sagittarians for too long. This is a heaven-sent match.

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