Sagittarius and Taurus

Sagittarius and Taurus have a crazy contrasting love style where passion and fire and sensuality mix. Vision and strength can compel or repel. What’s more, is that Sagittarians are initially stunned by the Taurean combo of physical beauty and financial stability.

How can someone so attractive lead such an apparently non-turbulent life? Sagittarius raves about the Taurean strength, sexuality, and an attribute that can only be referred to as being centred. This often happens when a fire sign (like Sagittarius) meets an earth sign (such as our Cow). Sagittarians will tend to find sanity quite the novelty at first, but soon they’ll begin to long for some of the old deliria.

Sagittarius and Taurus drive each other to new heights of “good in bed”. And Taurus feels compelled to impress with great performances.

But everyday-relating can send Sagittarius running. All Sagg lovers (of whatever gender) can wind up running around being silly while the Bull plays the role of the supportive dullard.

It can work, however. So long as Sagittarius in love stops messing with the Cow Person’s head.

Memo to Sagittarius. Don’t:

  • move their things,
  • touch their things,
  • sell their things, or
  • knock their bodies.

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