Scorpio and Libra

Scorp is direct, unflinching, and uncompromising. The Scorpio and Libra romance is a mix of determined insights and censored discretion. It’s hard to tell if they can find the middle ground.

Libra oozes charming euphemisms. They specialise in being light and airy, not treading on delicate subjects or trekking off along difficult paths of conversation. Libra does small talk. Scorpio doesn’t see the point of opening their mouth if it’s not big chats. Scorpio can scorn the glam social life. To Libra, it’s essential. But on the flipside, too much talking about business, family, and tax sends Libra gliding off toward wherever frivolity awaits.

Loving these little foibles assures the good life.

Blissful sack synergy comes true. And although quite infuriating for them, Libra is good for Scorpio. Life with Libra lifts sulky Scorp spirits and broadens that sometimes narrow mind. Librans can see both sides of a situation, something Scorpios are notoriously unable to do. However, Scorpios are very resilient. 

Libra’s mental flexibility helps jolt Scorp out of their stagnant attitude. Scorpio sex appeal gets it on with Libran beauty. In return, Scorp helps Libra be less dithery and indecisive and less of a social chameleon. They also help them be more in touch with whatever it is they really do think.

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