Scorpio and Scorpio

For two Scorps to mate successfully, they must first neutralise their respective stings. When Scorpio and Scorpio meet, they have to quell their desire to sting and learn how to share the power or at least stand up to it. Strangely so that they both are passionate about human rights atrocities

Venom is not an appropriate bodily fluid for them to be exchanging. If things are not too compulsive and out of control, this is a beautiful relationship between two people capable of truly getting one another. Nobody else will quite understand Scorp depth and complexity so well as another.

They are perfectly suited in bed and are able to use such activity to sort out any disputes.

One potentially troublesome issue is their mutual propensity to take things to the limit. It would be horrid if, for example, they egged each other on to join a cult. Avoid brinksmanship and evoke loyalty. They can make someone feel equally bad about their sexuality as they can make them feel great. One thing a Scorpio in love will do in a relationship is give their partner lots of sex. And they will spend all night trying to please their lover, whatever way possible.

Scorpio is a fixed water sign, many of their emotional fluctuations take the form of underwater currents, not visible on the surface. Scorpio partners often need storm warnings. And don’t mention their tendency toward emotional blackmailing and/or undermining of their partner’s self esteem. But truth be told, Scorpios are super resilient.

For bliss to manifest, they must strive to be a duo of positivity, embodying the beautiful Phoenix aspect of Scorpio, rather than the jealously bitched up and grudge flashpoint fixating vibe of the Scorpion.

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