Scorpio and Taurus

This life-altering love affair between Scorpio and Taurus is never, ever a shallow fling. Scorpio and Taurus are polar opposites. But they attract each other like crazy. The relationship starts out casually but can escalate to magnificence or mayhem. And Taureans have great long term potential because age doesn’t weary them.

Either party can skitter into it with the most casually exploitative intentions and wind up being a soul mate. Scorpio is drawn by Taurean beauty, sensuality, and stability. Taurean stubbornness mirrors Scorpio’s own and both see it as a sign of strength. Scorpio adores the Taurean ability to nurture them. Most other sun signs are too freaked out to even imagine giving Scorpio that safe sensation.

Taurus wants to soothe the rattled Scorpio brow, put their feet up for a nice little reflexology massage, and make them some cookies.

In return, Scorpio gives Taurus the mind-blowing bedroom compatibility they’ve longed for. Scorpio definitely knows how to make someone feel good about their sexuality, too. Most of all, one thing Scorpios do often in a relationship is give their partner plenty of sex.

Above all, each share a deep, intense devotion and both signs are socially compatible. But neither wants to be out for the sake of being out or have some experience just because it’s there. Additionally, each rejects what they see as fake fun. If Taurus bags Scorp’s wilder side, anger will arise. Scorpio simply will not have that and neither will budge.

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