Taurus and Aries

Taurus and Aries are calibrated at entirely different settings. It’s going to be a challenge to get them in sync, but it can work. Cow People instantly realise that their secret fear of being boring is not going to materialise if they can just stick with this character.

The Ram vision and daring intoxicate the more practical character of Taurus. Aries loves Taurean directness and stoicism, sensing perhaps that it lends dignity and solidity to their own streakiness. Taurus cheers the Ram’s victory over mediocrity, the quarter written screenplay or whatever the Aries Thing de Jour.

There is nothing wrong with activated Taurean energy levels. But Taurus also fears that Aries embodies the triumph of hype over reality. Aries can appear brash and naive to the worldly Cow Person.

The Ram is defined by a go-get approach to missions large and small. But sensual Taurus wonders why Aries has to do everything so fast.

Aries thinks “get on with it.” Having consulted the wild Ram, Taurus sets a steady course. Calculated to accomplish the duo’s long-term plans with ease and grace. Then Aries barges in to announce that “everything has changed” after some five-minute encounter with a stranger.

Taurus in love has fantastic long-term lover potential. Especially because age doesn’t tire them and familiarity appeals. Taurus also presents a robust libido and a kind heart.

In the Taurus and Aries utopia, the Cow gets more crazy and optimistic. Aries learns to let Taurus keep the books and provide sanity checks which are deliberate, lengthy and boring.

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