Taurus and Leo

Leo is jealous of Taurus. Taurus and Leo bring a lot of contrast to the party, multiply stubbornness by ten. But they can find ways to make this relationship work.

Cow People are natural beauties. Leo works at it. Leo sees image as show time, requiring spartan regimes of hair insanity, grooming, and gargantuan makeovers. Taurus slips out the door, able to seduce with a dab of lip gloss and the hint of a comb.

Leo starts bitching about split ends, standards, and things the cat may or may not drag in. Ugliness ensues. The Leo libido is as high as our Cow’s but the leonine thirst for admiration may leave Taurus languishing among a field of fresh devotees. Nobody loves Leo like Leo so the good heart of Taurus is unsure.

Leo feels like an invisible audience is always watching, frustrating the free expression of Taurus lust. Leo settles in for the night in designer track pants, with lifestyle-media sanctioned wine to accompany the a la carte meal.

The Cow is not happy, longing for a stir fry instead. But along with admiration, Taurus amasses money with a steady strategy.

This is great because Leo always appreciates a sky-high discretionary budget. There are many things that hold this duo together: They are both so sexy and interested in bedwork.

While Leo comes at this from the glam end of the attraction spectrum neither sign has time for the bait-and-switch sexual games that other signs get up to. When it’s on, it’s on!

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