Taurus and Taurus

Ladies and gentlemen, the libidos have landed. Taurus and Taurus combine and multiply the tenacity of the century. Once these two sensual, touchy-feely and stubborn bulls commit, there’s no stopping them.

Taurus is the most tactile sign of all and when these two bond, they can barely keep their sensual little paws off one another. Taurus and Taurus is the sort of ultra-physically demonstrative couple who nauseate less touchy types. Not that either Cow cares about that.

Together, they’re a mutual esteem-boosting machine, built for success and longevity. What blights the bliss? Taurus is obstinate, determined that their view will win out and so is the other.

Taurus versus Taurus won’t speak for a year. Yet they will stay together, each willing the other to succumb.

If neither buckles then romance heaven turns into hell. They both share a love of protocol. Ideally, this pair uses this to establish early agreements about what will and will not be tolerated.

There is enough angst in the relationship to stoke the bovine libido but it is sufficiently peaceful for quality time with another Cow on the couch. The nightmare scenario for both is having to be the straight, parental figure in the pair. However, Taureans in love have suitable long-term lover potential because they don’t tire with age and they love familiarity.

The dream remains real if both Cows put aside their pushy dictatorial whims and honour the other’s reality. Once that occurs, they can be assured of ongoing satisfaction, peace and prosperity.

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