Virgo and Aquarius

Virgo and Aquarius can find a blissful companionship under the right circumstances, but will their sexual appetites match? Virgo knows they are perfect. And the Aquarius, despite all evidence to the contrary, thinks they are perfect.

Both are most particular about how life ought to be lived. They’re a pair of raving cranks. Once Virgo learns to stop seeing their idiosyncrasies as awareness and the Aquarian’s as bloody-minded eccentricity, these two can blend beautifully. Both signs have felt like aliens from an early age.

Together they set up a mini Shangri-La, far from the madding crowds.

Problems may arise due to the Aquarian lack of libido. Compared to Virgo’s earthy appetite, Aquarius can seem cold-blooded. But this is quickly solved with a comprehensive Virgo-style prenuptial contract.

Virgo realises that the Aquarius aura of being an ego-less guru is a pose and that Aquarius is like a New Age Leo. Snobbery brings and keeps them together. Both are loving and influential friends to a select crowd of people but secretly feel themselves to be above the masses.

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