Virgo and Aries

Aries thinks everyone who disagrees with their genius is a raving idiot. Virgo and Aries are contrasting signs who may see each other as weird, yet quite possibly wonderful. They have a lot to offer each other. If they get past the blocks!

Virgo is more circumspect than Aries. Always willing to examine all aspects of a scenario, Virgo accomplishes much via careful evaluation. So what happens when Virgo force of reason crashes into Aries life force? Someone may need to compromise, not necessarily a problem with other signs but a possible dealbreaker with Aries.

Debating is the core competency of the Ram.

They love to argue and will go at it nonstop until they either win or fall asleep. Virgo is a skilled and vicious arguer. These two could spend a lot of time in verbal battle. If this is a big turn on and bickering can be made an essential part of foreplay, love thrives. Aries officially deplores, but secretly admires, Virgo’s addiction to petty detail.

So long as the Ram doesn’t mind them leaping out of bed to change the sheets after lovemaking they will get along. It’s the “us” chats which cause them the most concern.

Virgo is freaked by how much energy Aries burns up stomping around trying to realise a totally unfeasible idea but winds up awed when it comes off. Aries loves that Virgo in love is so suave, sexily informed, and holistically put together.

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