Virgo and Cancer

Virgo and Cancer have very different ways of seeing the world. But that doesn’t have to stop them from that amazing soulmate love.

Unbelievable as it can seem to Virgo, there are some personal dilemmas that logic is powerless to illuminate. The relationship with the Crab could be one of them. Virgo is not normally at ease with full-blown emotion and Cancer emotes a lot. Virgo says “get a grip” and Crab loses the grip completely! These two seem like they’re almost instantly married. It’s as if they skip the ripping off clothes phase and move straight into afternoon strolls, nattering on about the price of everything.

Sexual and mental compatibility are usually a given.

It feels as if they’re soulmates and nothing can tear them apart. What could? Guilting. Each party is great at guilting and blame-storming. Either or both can martyr themselves right out of an otherwise beautiful relationship.

Cancer doesn’t want to hear practical Virgo advice about nutrition and decluttering. Crab wants Virgo to feel their pain, not offer pragmatic stupid solutions.

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