Virgo and Capricorn

Finally, the chance of a relationship with a sane life form. It’s just too thrilling. Virgo and Capricorn can share a blissful, symbiotic and loving relationship. As long as this double earth sign combination stay true to themselves and don’t try to compete. 

Both are so wise and they know it. Virgo’s healthy and the Capricorn’s wealthy. Or, maybe it’s the other way around. Whatever! This is the dynamic duo of love, sex, and work. Relishing one another’s company, these two mutually inspire and stimulate in every respect. Since both are earth signs they are willing to put in the slog for later rewards.

Capricorn won’t ring Virgo, who’s working late to screech about not enough time for “us.”

Virgo won’t bitch at Capricorn for being emotionally unavailable. Capricorn loves Virgo’s style and organisational skills. Each is respectful and supportive of the other. Bedwork is bliss. The idea of settling down together is heavenly.

However, Goat People are often so rigid that the emotional range of an average person can appear deranged. Living with a Capricorn has also been known to induce a form of insanity.

Mutual reverence for ambition may erode quality time together. Making space for reverie reminds Virgo and Capricorn of what else they share. Affection flows with simplicity and ease. Any disputes are settled with earth sign efficiency.

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