Virgo and Gemini

Virgo can be the Dr Frankenstein of love, enjoying not so much a relationship as a human experiment. Virgo and Gemini share the same ruling planet, Mercury, too. But does that mean the communication goes on without a hitch?

Gemini hates to be nagged and Virgo loves to nag and enjoy a spot of moralising whereas Gemini can’t bear being moralised to. If Gemini wants to be reminded to floss their teeth, they visit the dentist. Ethics? That’s for the lawyer and accountant to figure out. Virgo loves the carefree wit of Gemini and Gemini loves the mind (and body)of our Virgo. Both are brainy and enjoy word play.

If talking were all it took to maintain a loving relationship, these two have it made.

Gemini amorality wounds the Virgoan sense of decency! Virgo can’t believe how careless this sign can be with other people’s feelings. Gemini is one of the most outrageous flirts of the zodiac. The flirtation hurts ever-observant Virgo. 

Virgos are not romantic in the cliched flowers and box of chocolates sense. They think that sort of behaviour is for guilty adulterers.

Together, their strong mental and physical bond can overcome basic tensions. Gemini gets that Virgo structure lends direction to their genius. Virgo loves the nonstop stimulation of Gemini. Each spark off the other.

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