Virgo and Leo

Virgo and Leo sit side by side in the zodiac which isn’t always the best position. They can share some pretty disparate views, but that doesn’t have to keep them apart. Old fashioned astrologers called Virgo the handmaiden to Leo. Scary? 

It is to Virgo. Leo kind of likes the idea. Maybe Virgo secretly does too. A demanding Leo character gives Virgo the chance to slip into a fetching little hairshirt. While Leo carries on like femme fatale Tallulah Bankhead or a banqueting Henry VIII, Virgo glides silently around emitting invisible guilting rays.

Leos are big picture people who see themselves as the director of their own life, with lavish production values, of course.

They can skip over a lot of detail whereas Virgos are more keen on the minutiae of life. Leo hates that Virgo is really more sophisticated. Leo, despite the surface glitz, is a simple character who is often emotionally stuck in adolescence. Each complements the other so long as both pretend they are like the other.

Huh? Virgo flatters Leo about their amazing analytical powers and Leo effusively admires Virgo’s looks and sex appeal. When each opens to the other in collaboration, this duo is dynamic. And when the Virgo gets a soulmate and is happy, they are the best catch of the zodiac.

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