Virgo and Libra

There are a lot of attractive aspects of Virgo and Libra. If they can adjust to the differences just enough to make it work.

St Virgo loves to tackle the to-do list. Whereas Libra says “great” and books a manicure, or sits down to compose some poetry. Virgo and Libra have an excellent chance of living happily ever after. Each sign will need to be prepared to tweak a few aspects of their core persona. Libra loves Virgo’s sense of what is (it’s true what they say about Virgos) and what is not correct. Virgo loves Libra’s aesthetics and fairness fetish.

Virgo needs to go easy on the guilting and add more clichéd romantic utterings to the conversational repertoire.

A query regarding the Libra’s skin tone need not be met with brutal Virgo accuracy. A comparison to a peach or a baby is just fine. Libra wants love sonnets. Virgo wants more bedwork. Virgo wants savings and security. However, Libra likes what they like at that particular moment. Above all Libra says “must-have” and Virgo says “must-not”.

Virgos do not want traditional romantic gestures. They think that sort of behaviour is more suited to guilty adulterers and the like.

Libra heads off into smarmy charm mode on someone else. On the other hand, if these teensy barriers can be dissolved and Libra becomes a Virgo Whisperer, then these two bond on gossip, the intricacies of life, and the strongest feeling that each wildly needs the other.

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