Virgo and Pisces

This is a union of astro opposites but neither cares. Virgo and Pisces are crazily attracted to each other but can they get around the fact that they are opposite signs? Here are the ins and outs of this earth and water coupling.

At first. Virgo can’t believe that Pisces can so cheerfully lead such an eccentric and turbulent life. The Fish wonders what it is about magical realism that Virgo doesn’t get. Pisces says “reincarnation” and Virgo says “DNA.” Virgo in health mode says “no” to that breakfast croissant and opts for a brisk daily walk.

Pisces eats soul food and then freaks out, doing Pilates one moment and Eskimo tribal dancing the next.

Virgo stresses out. Pisces says, “so what?” But these two can be so good for one another. Each has something the other secretly needs. Pisces loves the freedom of being truly organised.

Virgo in love adores how enchanted life can seem when seen through surreal fishy eyes. If each party in this love affair can learn to listen to and learn from the other, a weird merging occurs and both become more like the other, growing in the process.

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