Virgo and Sagittarius

Virgo and Sagittarius are classically contrasting, each seeing the world in different ways. The question is, can they make it work? Virgo’s perfect but the world isn’t.

This annoys Virgo. Sagittarius loves the world at large, imperfections and all. That irritates Virgo. Two parts, each really cool, that can’t create a sum? Two people, both raving on, who can’t hear the other? It could happen. Especially if Virgo nags Sagg about taking enough clean underwear on their camping trip. Both see themselves as the teacher of the relationship.

Neither is willing to play diligent pupil although they’ll try when lust is fresh. Sagittarius can be too blunt for sophisticated Virgo.

Sagittarius thinks Virgo is too realistic or, in Sagg lingo, self-limiting. But magic happens when the spark is too intense to be allowed to go out. Each agrees to take turns playing teacher and student. Sagg agrees to respect suave Virgo.

Virgo in love abandons (temporarily, of course) caution and joins Sagittarius on a technically impossible mission. When this synergy is achieved, neither party is even remotely bored. Each energises the other and sensual satisfaction spins off the marriage of true minds.

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