Virgo and Scorpio

Virgo and  Scorpio are a wild combo of obsessive and compulsive, but together they often can make it work. Virgo is compulsive. Scorpio is obsessive. It works!

Virgo gets off on being lean and clean. Scorpio likes to indulge all appetites and is a believer in the power of their unwashed pheromonal appeal. It doesn’t work! Scorpio wants sex when Scorpio wants it. Virgo doesn’t like to copulate without a proper flossing experience.

But each person totally understands the other’s intensity without being remotely freaked out by it.

Virgo trains Scorpio to respond to Virgoan pep talks. Scorpio in love gets Virgo to think a little deeper. Scorpio says destiny. Virgo prefers the more scientific concept of synchronicity. This all gets talked out and what can’t be talked out gets worked through in the sack.

This pair can be so compatible that they wind up spending far too much time together, alone, developing a secret language and alienating others. But they don’t care. Both agree that there is no point being in a relationship if it is not a matter of total immersion in the other.

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