Virgo and Taurus

Virgo and Taurus turn one another on from day one. Virgo and Taurus are both earth signs and share a certain connection to all things physical and sensual. But can they be soulmates? 

Both share healthy libidos, a lust for things, and worldly goodwill. From the outside, this couple looks like a pair of besotted teenagers. Taurus adores Virgo self-containment and just loves calming those twitchy nerves with sensual attentions. Virgo enjoys teasing Taurus, testing the boundaries of an admittedly sometimes closed mind.

This is one of the most officially delightful duos of the zodiac.

Problems arise in friendly pastures when each gives in to their control freak personas. Taurus tries to control the finely tuned Virgo mind. Virgo rebels and a Virgo in act up mode is a scary sight. Virgo gets angry with Taurean mess and lack and apparently of self-discipline.

A Virgo in love can be a Virgo in denial, postponing bliss until the physique is chic, split ends mended. Virgo is the most discriminating sign of all but, guess what? Ideally, they need someone who shares their values and can put up with their correctional motivation. Sometimes, Virgo can lack intimacy skills but they definitely make up for it in the sensuality stakes.

Then again, many Taurus People like having a Virgo around to tell them not to put so much butter on their baked potato. The home of these two zodiac signs becomes a haven of gracious living. Love lasts and lasts.

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