Virgo and Virgo

So many Virgos like to present as the anti-Virgo. But together? Is there enough room on the high horse for them both?

“I’m so filthy and disorganised,” they simper, pointing out a miniscule split end to prove their point. But when Virgo meets Virgo, the game is up. These two totally understand each other and are willing to go there with mega-analysis of the relationship and the other’s foibles.

There is not enough room on the high moral ground for two Virgos. You would imagine that two would be incredibly tidy with such a Virgo vibe, but no! It is almost as if they cancel one another out.

Being obsessed with neatness, they both become enormously irritated with the mess created by the other Virgo.

Their own disorder? A mere product of creativity and/or a busy life. Cohabiting Virgos should ideally have their own bathrooms and dressing rooms to allow for the fullest expression of fretting about their wardrobe and grooming.

Unlike the secret planner of other signs, the Virgoan version is not about Virgo in love. It’s more of a comprehensive database listing every single transgression of their partner. Plus, they are famously aloof.

They truly understand one another, bonding in bed and by pointing out spelling mistakes together. Both really enjoy analysing the quirks of their friends, family, and associates.

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